Empathetic vs Radical Vulnerability

Week 01b Empathetic vs Radical Vulnerability – Discussion Board Group 5

From EDUC 251


Session Slides Use these

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1. To begin, we invite you to take up to two minutes to reflect and journal on the following questions

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3. :

· How would you define empathy? Vulnerability?

· What messages have you been given about being either of these? Is there a connection between them?

2. After you have finished journaling, please watch this clip from Brown (2013).

3. And then here are some thoughts on balancing your answers for being empathetic and vulnerable with Brown’s (2013) thoughts with what we will cover in 251.

4. Take another two minutes to continue journaling, folding in your balance of what you wrote before about your own truth regarding empathy and vulnerability, the ideas of Brown (2013), and our course’s potential to offer each of us opportunities to be empathetically vulnerable and then also to be radically vulnerable.

5.) Post your thoughts on the discussion board and read/listen to what others share as well. Offer meaningful responses to others to generate new conversations and learning.