Meal Plan Analysis

Meal Plan Analysis

Title: My Diet Analysis

During week 1, you learned about several different tools for analyzing your diet. With this assignment, you will use several of those tools to discover the quality of your diet.

There are two parts to this assignment. You need to do both together. The order is not important. You may complete the diet recall then write down the foods you ate too or vice-a-versa.

Meal Plan Analysis

ASA24: You will be using a program called ASA24 to track and evaluate what you eat. Again, don’t change what you eat so you can learn about your diet, not a diet you hope or want to be eating. You may have tracked your food intake using an app. ASA24 is not like those apps. The Automated Self-Administered 24-hour (ASA24®) Dietary Assessment Tool is a web-based tool, but you can use it on your cellphone or tablet. This diet recall program uses a computerized interview-method to collect 24-hour dietary recall information.

You need to complete three 24 hour recalls using this website:

Welcome to the ASA24 Demonstration Site

You need to enter two weekdays and one weekend day because this selection will give you a better representation of what you usually eat. ASA24 does not allow you to enter three days at one time. You can only enter one day at a time. When you have entered all the foods you ate the last 24 hours, be sure to print the results to a pdf file and save that file. You need to submit this file with your written report. You will do this for each day, so you will submit three diet analysis reports along with a Word file that contains the answer to your questions.

To enter your 3 24-hour recalls, you will need to enter each day (24 hour period) separately and generate a report for each day. You will submit each day (3 pdf reports) and your response to the questions (1 Word file).

If you are deployed and not eating your usual foods, makeup three days, but try to select foods and beverages you would typically eat and/or drink while at home. There is no right or wrong to this assignment. You will not be graded on the healthiness of your diet, so be honest and enter what you usually eat. The goal of this assignment is for you to learn about your diet.

ASA24 does not include the food you ate in the report it generates. You need to write down the foods you ate because you will use this for assignments 2 and 3. This does not have to be fancy and you do not have to submit this for grading.

Write Report and Submit Assignment

Now answer each question below. The total length of your report should be at least 500 words.

  1. Where did your dietary intake fall short of the food group recommendations?
  2. What specific changes might you make to meet the food group recommendations? Discuss each food group that is less than 100%.
  3. Which nutrients were less than 100% in your diet?
  4. What role did physical activity level play in your dietary plan?
  5. In closing, provide a personal evaluation of this website. Do you feel that it was informative and useful? If so, what did you learn?

In the assignment area, submit the following:

  1. A Word document containing your answers to the five questions above. The responses should be typed in a Word file with your name included in the file title.
  2. Your three ASA24 reports.