Demonstrates proficiency in information management and patient care technology in the delivery of quality health care.

Using the terminal Objective of the Helene Fuld School of Nursing, describe how you will or have achieved each objective. Utilize personal and professional activities and experience to explain how the objective was achieved or can be achieved. Your answers should also be supported by literature with the use of two paragraphs for each objective. Student should identify the assignments, projects and/or learning activities which contributed to the achievement of each Terminal Objective. Each objective much include supporting evidence and appropriate citation

Please follow the guideline

1.Synthesize knowledge from the natural and behavioral sciences, the humanities into nursing practice
Nurs 216 has discussed the history of nursing and my previous courses in history have helped to integrate this knowledge.
In NURS 217 health assessment I was able to use the knowledge from my Anatomy and Physiology courses

2- Apply leadership concepts, skills, and decision making in the provision of high quality nursing care in a variety of settings.
In NURS 421 we discussed leadership concepts that and quality improvement. In the Quality improvement project I was able to …..

3- Demonstrates clinical judgment based on evidenced based practice, for individuals, families and groups
Having taken both the Nursing Research 315 course and NURS 411 Contemporary Issues the actual understanding of what Evidence Based practice was clarified. In paper I was able to utilize EBP

4. Demonstrates proficiency in information management and patient care technology in the delivery of quality health care

NURS 210 Informatics class examples

5. Demonstrate knowledge of health care policy and regulations to assist individuals, families, and groups to identify and mobilize resources to meet health care needs.
Use for example Maryland Nurses Association, and National Black Nurses Association Maryland Waiver coference to demonstrate

6. Collaborate with consumers, members of the health team, and others to improve the delivery of health care
What is a nurse doing in Community Health Nursing (use long -term care as a CHN )
7. Integrate health promotion and disease prevention strategies to improve health outcomes for individuals, families and groups
In the Community Health Nursing (use Long-term care )
8. Demonstrates professional, ethical and legal responsibility for nursing practice.

9. Apply the nursing process to deliver and manage nursing care of culturally diverse individuals, families, and groups across the life span in a variety of health settings.

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