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We have learned a lot of Marketing concepts this semester. I have listed several items we have learned. This is not a complete list. However, a good list to choice from.
Discussion Question: Pick one or more of the concepts we have learned that you were interested in or thought was very interesting. Elaborate. Post to the discussion question and respond to two other post.

Innovation Adoption Curve
VAK Learnings
DISC Profile
Four Types of Corporate Communications
Propaganda Techniques
Do’s/Dont’s Resume Building
The Boston Consulting Group
6 Reasons why people buy
Body Language
Color Marketing
Emotional Intelligence
Thomas Train Project
Employee Engagement
Conflict Resolution
Persuasion Techniques

sample : I really enjoy learning/sharing marketing. It is a simple and complex industry. My favorite learnings is the personality surveys . I like the DISC profile and Emotional intelligence profiles. Learning about myself even though these are things I know opens my eyes to my strengths and opportunities as well as qualities that fit my career choice.


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