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Research Interview About Project-based Learning Approach in Saudi Arabia
This conversation will entail the collection of data from elementary instructors who employ project-based learning approach in educational perspective (Guo & Yang 219). The research will commence by asking relevant questions from professional teachers, andthe outcome effectively noted for evaluation and analysis (Fragoulis &Mega 23). It is also fundamental to note that information will be kept confidentiallyto avoid public confrontation (Dhieb-Henia 11). This research intends to use the following interview questions to ascertain the efficiency of using project-based learning methods of private school in west Saudi Arabia.
1.What is the role of education in your view anelementary teacher who use project-based learning approaches in Saudi Arabia?
2.What is your experience in the area of project-based learning of private school in west Saudi Arabia?
3.How has the incorporation of Project-based Learning affected the educational progress of learners in Saudi Arabia?
4.What are the advantages of integrating project-based learning in the Saudi Arabian educational systems?
5.What educational subjects does project-based learning suit the most?
6.What areyour feelings about the use of project-based learning approach in all levels of education?
7.Will you be in a position to illustrate the use of project-based learning using diagrams?
8.Explain the importance of an instructor in the process of using project-based learning
9.Which kinds of feedbacks have the students given regarding project-based learning?
10.How can various elementary instructors incorporate project-based learning into the teaching curriculum?
11.Can the integration of “Mind Maps” helps in enhancing project-based learning?
12.What types of educational difficulties does the student encounter while using project-based learning approaches in Saudi Arabian schools?
13.Which communicational strategy dothe elementary instructors employ while using project-based learning processes?
14.Which types of goals and objectives do you intend to achieve in the next fiveyears by incorporating project-based learning approaches in schools?
15.Please give other information that you think is relevant in this interview
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