may you please do a 500 800 word essay on my writing process

As you know by now, writing is a marathon and not a sprint. For some, it’s a relaxing process, but, for others, it’s a process filled with obstacles, challenges and the occasional writer’s block. This course, or any other writing course, should guide you through that process using graphic organizers, clear instructions, student samples and other frameworks in the pre-writing stage and assigning multiple drafts to help flesh out your thoughts
In 500 to 800 words, discuss how this process worked for you in this course. If this was your first encounter with writing, using the process from this course, please mention that in the essay. If you hated the process, please mention that in the essay.
This essay is less about content and more about you reflecting on your experience in the course. While I will not be evaluating the essay, based on content, I will be evaluating the paper’s heading (should be MLA), organization, grammar, mechanics, style and diction.
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