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For the first part of the Argumentative Writing Assignment you submitted in Unit 6, you developed an outline about one of the subjects below. In this second part of the Argumentative Writing Assignment, you will need to continue with that subject to turn the outline into a complete essay. As noted in the outline assignment, you may use the questions below to create the argumentative essay, or you may craft your own thesis question based on the subject.

Communication Skills and Smartphones

How have smartphones had a negative or a positive impact on people’s communication skills?

Media and Truth

What responsibility do you think the media has to promoting truth for the American audience?

Education and Uniformity

Why or why not should all students wear the same uniforms within their school system?

The Argumentative Writing Assignment requires that you form an argument in favor of a specific position on one of the topics above. In the assignment, you will be using three academic and scholarly sources; two articles should be in favor of your position and one article should feature the counterargument.
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