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Should The Hiring Process For Offices Be More Stringent?

Position statement
Several companies want the hiring process to be more stringent because seemingly, under the normal hiring process, so many employees are not effectively tested on their expertise, experiences and personalities before being employed, thus leading to an unfair selection method (Koch et al., pg. 20). I totally support the implementation of a more stringent hiring process, for the following reasons; A more stringent hiring process will provide the employer with the precise information required to make the hiring decision. The interviewers’will be able to adhere to a strict order, which will make it easier to evaluate and compare applicants fairly. In addition, a more stringent hiring process will ensure that the recruiters and hiring managers use the same reference points in making their decisions. Hiring managers will have more trust in the choices made by the recruiters because of the strictness.

Thesis statement
The hiring process for offices should be more stringentsince the future of any business depends on the hiring practice, making it a very important aspect which demands much strictness.
Work Cited
Koch, Richard, and Greg Lockwood. Simplify: How the Best Businesses in the World Succeed – and How You Can Too. , 2016. Print.
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