Essay 1 – Defining a Problem

Defining a Problem
Based on SMG Chapter 6,
Arguing a Position


At this point in the semester, we have read a number of texts (and will continue to) that allin some wayaddress specific problems. For this paper, you will put your skills of radical listening to the test. Using two or three sources (no more, no less), define a problem that the authors are addressing by explicating their arguments and developing a position of why our awareness of this problem is important. In short: you are identifying, explicating, and synthesizing arguments and in turn arguing the so what?

The Basics:

        Approximately 4 FULL pages
        2-3 sources from class (Canvas Readings)
        MLA format with a works cited page

A successful paper will:

        address the basic features.
        have proper MLA format and citations.
        have a strong sense of your voice/perspective; (no informal language)
        use well-chosen, properly integrated textual evidence, and contain no dropped quotations.
        provide sufficient analysis rather than relying on summary.
        have sophisticated, well-crafted paragraphs.
        provide a clear thesis.

The goals of this paper are to:

        continue exploring argumentation, with a particular focus on the importance of evidence.
        develop skills in choosing and integrating textual evidence. 
        continue developing skills in explication, textual analysis, and critical reading.
        develop skills in synthesizing sources.
        work on uncovering and explaining the significance.

Create a developed essay with a well-supported, clearly organized argument that will confirm, challenge, or change your readers views.


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