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Please write a 12 page report on the Amazon Company and their business in Mexico. Here are the guidelines on what needs to be done on the report.
§International Expansion by a firm to enter new markets for growth
§Foreign Direct Investment by a firm to access raw materials/labour for production
§Global Expansion in response to competitive forces
§Emerging market MNCs expanding into developed markets with a strategic objective
§Cross-border M&A to develop/access new capabilities
§Outsourcing various activities to rationalize costs or enhance productivity
§Global sourcing for Innovation/R&D
§MNCs Responding to social, cultural, and or political challenges in host countries
§MNCs leveraging global presence to spur innovation and enhance performance
§MNCs accessing talent globally in response to competition and or availability of skilled labour
Scenarios other than those described here may be pursued with the prior consent of the instructor. A good project will:
§Clearly and logically apply the course material to the global business phenomenon being investigated;
§Present a thorough analysis of the phenomenon based on your research;
§Draw implications and suggest recommendations for the firm’s managers

Corruption Perceptions Index – TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL
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