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Mark can you respond to these two people with a minimum of 100 words to each person. This is based on an assignment you didi for me the other day.
1. Great post Kee’sha. I like the SWOT analysis, especially if you are comparing and contrasting the different areas on the grid. There is not a lot that you can do to change the threat represented outside the companies control, but mitigating them could make them acceptable risks. Do you think significant change in the SWOT analysis could lead to changing the organization’s mission and value statements? What would it take for that to happen? What other factors could effect that part of the planning process?
Professor Brent
2. Good afternoon Professor and fellow classmates I will discuss which two of the steps in the ten-step strategic planning process did I find most interesting. From the ten-step strategic planning process, the two that I found most interesting are steps nine and ten. Step nine is developing an Effective Implementation Process which entails assessing readiness, getting organized, clarifying direction, and esourcing and structuring implementation, alignment and ongoing learning. Step ten is Reassessing Strategies and the Strategic Planning Process which entails strategy maintenance, change, or termination, and strategic management system design.
The reason I found these two steps most interesting is because there is nothing more fascinating to me than being able to see the end result and whether the initial plan worked or not. Also, being able to witness whether or not major adjustments needed to be made. “Successful implementation and institutionalized strategies result in the establishment of a new regime.” (Bryson, 2011) Once implementation has begun, being able to measure the strategies in an ongoing effort to determine if the new regime will become a temporary permanent part of the process is so interesting. I say temporary permanent because the only thing that stays the same is change. I have learned about and have become accustomed to change early on in my career because at first, it was very stressful to undergo change. I learned to accept it and that takes the stress away.
Works Cited
Bryson, J. (2011). Strategic Planning For Public and Nonprofit (4th Ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Bass/Wiley
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