write 3 pages essay morality and neuroscience

This essay requires you to consider the origin of morality in relation to contemporary neurological theories of moral judgments from a physiological point of view and to consider how these idea affect commonly held views of morality in relation to responsibility and self-identity.
To prepare for this essay read the article “How does morality work in the brain? A functional and structural perspective of moral behavior” (in files) and listen to the Radio Lab Podcast Morality https://www.wnycstudios.org/shows/radiolab/podcast…
Answer the following question: Current research in neuroscience and morality suggests that moral judgements may be wired into our brains. If this is the case, what would this mean in relation to moral responsibility and self-identity? Explain.
All papers are to be 3+ pages and be done in the following formatTimes New Roman 12 pt. font1” margins all aroundDouble spacedName and Section number in upper left hand corner.
Grading Rubric: In general, an A paper is defined as a paper that has (i) a thesis that is plausible, (ii) a good argument or set of arguments for the thesis, and (iii) a consideration of objections to the argument with responses to the objections. The highest grade that a paper can receive for failing to have (iii) is a B, the highest grade that a paper can receive for failing to have (ii) is C, and the highest grade that a paper can receive for failing to have (i) is a D. Success on a paper comes from clear, concise, and comprehensive argumentation in defense of a well thought out thesis.
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