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Please answer the following questions from Chapter 10:

Supermarkets and mass merchants (e.g., Target) are creating hundreds of different “private label” brands that appeal to multiple price/quality segments (e.g., Up & Up, Archer Farms) to sell alongside their national brands. What are the advantages of private label brands for retailers?
What are the roles of brand elements (name, logo, slogan, packaging, jingle, url)? Pick one brand and apply the use and benefits of brand elements (Example: Bounty – name; “the quicker picker upper” – slogan). How might you add new elements or modify current elements for your marketing plans?
Go to: Why would a company like Campbell’s utilize multiple sub-brands (Chunky, Homestyle, etc.) within their soup line? Describe the target segments for each sub-brand. Why would Campbell’s create depth in their product lines?

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