Persuasive Campaign

Persuasive Campaign


The goal of the paper is for you to demonstrate that you can apply course concepts and materials to a real world campaign. This paper should be strongly grounded in communication theories and concepts.You will explore the problem and previous campaigns, as well as your recommended solution and barriers your audience may have to accepting the solution. Please include the following:

Persuasive Campaign

  1. What have previous campaigns done? 
  2. Why have they not been successful? Hint: Your explanation should be based in their failure to properly use or apply communication theory.
  3. What behavior is recommended to get the public to respond? 
  4. Is the recommended response easy and practical? 
  5. Do the targeted groups vary in their confidence or ability to enact the recommended response? 
  6. What skills must the targeted groups possess to enact the recommended response? 
  7. How are do you plan to persuade them? Please be specific in your explanation of the messages you will create. This is one of the most important steps in the campaign. 
  8. Do your message connect clearly to course concepts and theories? HINT: The biggest factor in your grade will be how well you can apply communication theory to your campaign. It needs to be very clear that all of your decisions and ideas were based off of communication theories and concepts. 
  9. Why might your campaign work?

Please consider the following:

  • This 4-5 page APA formatted paper must include at least 5 credible sources, including a Cover page and a References page.
  • See the APA sample paper at the Owl at Purdue. 
  • See the attachment for grading guidelines.

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