Applied Research Methodology

This week the students should be off and running on their projects or research papers. Students should now be turning their attention to research methodology regardless of their approach. Students should be developing their survey apparatus and selecting their participant populations. Both primary and secondary research is required in this course, regardless of approach selected.

(1) Applied Research Methodology is due for both approaches to the course. (See Class Resources for sample.) This input should be telling what you will be doing, since you haven’t done the research yet. Address both Primary Research and Secondary Research.
(2) Survey instruments and/or apparatus to be used are due for approval. Post actual survey/interview questions here.
(3) Also due is written approval/consent from an approval official of any organization that is to be involved in class project reports or conventional research. One copy is to be retained by the host company or organization, one copy is to be retained by the student and one copy is to be posted as part of this assignment.

Applied Research Methodology: This section tells what research methodology was used in the conduct of the study and reflects both Primary Research and Secondary Research methods. This description should allow officials of the organization under study and the course Instructor to evaluate the appropriateness of the method and the reliability and validity of results. This section should be detailed enough to allow an experienced researcher to replicate the study. This section often has three subsections labeled participants, apparatus, and procedure. Specific details concerning these subsections can be found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition or later.


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