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Explain how Streamlining was applied to objects during the 1920s and 1930s. Explain why designers used Streamlining. What was is meant to accomplish? Provide four specific object examples.

Streamlined Modern 1930-1939
-Social forces:
Economic Depression
Faith in technology
Cars, planes and trains
Professional designers
New materials & manufacturing methods
Visual Characteristics
Aerodynamic forms
Unified envelope / housing
Smooth curved surfaces
Appearance of motion
Contour / Flow lines ornamentation
Clear simple human interfaces
Legibility in type and use

Four examples are:
Model 30 Vacuum Cleaner, Chrome-plated steel, aluminum, vinyl, rubber, plastic, 1937, United States, Lurelle Guild (designer), Electrolux (maker), Streamlined:

Streamlined design. Has multiple functions giving it versatility and desire
Made in aluminum which was a new material & uses Horizontal lines
The design implies speed and efficiency in housework: seemed like progress during depression period
Bold sans serif typeface screams the name-brand
The new wave of cleaning products was all about creating more work
Had a polishing attachment, a floor cleaner, and vaporizer for dispersing moth crystals.
Modernity showed through the use of new material
Fashionable yet relatively inexpensive, not restricted to the wealthy upper class.

“Zephyr Clock”, Brass and urea formaldehyde plastic, 1934, United States, Kem Weber (b. Germany) (designer), Lawson Time Inc., Streamlined:

Machine age style
Sleek look with horizontal lines
Inspired by ocean liners and skyscrapers.
Smooth surfaces and rounded corners

K4S Steam Locomotive, Welded sheet metal, 1936, United States, Raymond Loewy (designer), Streamlined
Model for Motor Car Number 9, 1932, United States, Norman Bel Geddes (designer), Streamlined

Attached are the photos of each example.
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