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“How industrial revolution 4.0 especially the development of artificial intelligence (AI) will affect the economy of Vietnam and labor force?”

Research paper, excluding abstract and bibliography, to be approximately 1,100 words – no less than 1,000 words and no more than 1,200 words.
Do not provide political analysis.
Use of third-person format is required. (No “I” or “you”).

it is your responsibility to ensure that your topic meets the criteria for analysis of Labor Economics. Background information should be minimal; definitions are not to be included. Your paper should explain, in dollars, not percentages, what profits/losses occurred related to your topic, what happened economically because of your topic, what your topic would contribute to the U.S. and/or regional economies. Suggested: your topic’s effect plus or minus on each affected city/county/state, labor costs, employment rate, etc.
Your paper’s focus must be your topic and its positive and/or negative labor impact expressed in dollars or a country’s currency. Once again, the total focus of your paper must be quantitative analysis (currency) and not a qualitative presentation of your topic.
NOTE: Expressing comparisons as a percentage is ambiguous without a base value because the amount of change can be greater with a small percentage change versus a very large percentage change. Example:

If a country’s GDP increase 500% but the GDP base value is only 100, their GDP is 500.
If a country’s GDP increases 4% but the base value is 1 million, their GDP is 1,040,000.

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