criminal procedure essay presentation week 5

I’m Please refer to the detailed instructions attached to this request which requires for you to review a video in order to develop an essay for this assignment.
Below is the link to the university Dashboard along with the information to access this site.
NOTE: I do not have the textbook so online research may be required in order to meet content for this assignment.
Averett Moodle:
Username – Talockett
Password – Gottama2…
Watch the following clip from an episode of the popular TV show C.O.P.S.: “COPS TV Show, Toughest Takedowns, North Las Vegas Police Department”

Principles of Arrest Response and Presentation
Tanesha A. Lockett
CRJ488-C714-FALL18-Criminal Procedure
Professor, Dr. Robert Roth
November 15, 2018
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