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My assignment is a scientific essay based on topic that’s been discussed in class, topics discussed are: what science is and what it’s not,, and we have explored the sciences of ecology, evolution, and conservation biology (biodiversity), therefore, there’s too many information to help formulating the arguments needed for the assignment. So, basically, the assignment is writing an essay that should addresses an environmental problem/issues and supporting the arguments or the solutions of the problems based on that topics.
There must be a citation. References used must be cited in the body of the essay using council of scientific editors format (CSE).
Typical instructions for the paper: This essay should be typed, single spaced, demonstrate proper grammar, punctuation and spelling, and not be longer than one side of a single page.This is a short piece of writing, so you will need to be focused and concise with every sentence.Be sure to introduce your ideas in the beginning of the essay, and summarize these ideas at the end.

Grading the assignment will be based on the quality of the content, quality of the discussion, quality of the references, grammar/punctuation, and the use of CSE name-year in text and reference section.

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