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Task 4 Marketing Techniques
Once you know who your customer and target market is, you will begin to develop the techniques and strategies for marketing your product or services.

Investigate Marketing Strategies.

Complete the tutorial Marketing Fundamentals
Read ebook Chapter 10 and 11
Read 15 Marketing Strategies that Inspire Thinkers

Deciding on a strategy for your product or service

Watch Marketing Strategies.

Investigate marketing strategies of successful companies.


Over the week spend a minimum of 3 hours researching marketing strategies for two companies in your area. To do this you will need to go out and investigate what marketing they are using. You might need to find newspapers, billboards, mailers, Internet ads, or other marketing strategies. You might want to contact the business and speak to the marketing department. Find as much information as you can. Take pictures and make notes. You will need these during the Lesson.
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