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Please provide an answer for each assignment in 400+ words with references in ms word.
Plagarisim should be zero.
Course text book: Operations security.
You can google for the below topics and write an answer. I don’t have any additional material for these questions.
Assignment 1: Although it is impossible to eliminate all business risks, a good policy can reduce the likelihood of risk occurring or reduce its impact. A business must find a way to balance a number of competing drivers.
Assignment 2: Our text discusses eight classic personality traits that HR magazine identified. 1) Please choose any two of the identified personality traits and summarize the two traits in your own words. 2) Please describe how understanding these personality traits can be an advantage when implementing security policies. Please be sure to include how you can leverage employee strengths to implement security policies. 3) How can understanding personality traits be an advantage when dealing with stakeholders and executives?
Assignment 3: The Target Case study mentioned that Target did not have a dedicated CSO before the breach in 2013. Target did hire a CSO after the breach.
This DB has three prompts:
A) Do you believe a Chief Security Officer at the executive table could have prevented the Target breach? Why or Why not?
B) Please discuss the pros and cons (at least 4 pros and 4 cons) of having a Chief Security Officer at the executive table.
C) Pretend that you are the CIO of an organization similar to Target (size, retailer, etc) and the organization is experiencing tight budget issues. Your CEO has asked you to provide your feedback as to whether you support hiring a CSO even though the budget is tight and the organization cannot afford hiring a CSO. Please respond to your CEO as to whether or not you support hiring a CSO even though the organization will be over budget with the new hire. Please be sure to include the CSO activities you might be able to cover as CIO and the CSO activities you would not be able to cover as CIO.
Assignment 4: COBIT 5 is an IT Governance framework developed by ISACA. Visit http://www/ for information about COBIT. A) Briefly describe ISACA and the importance of ISACA for security professionals. B) Describe the COBIT 5 Framework. C) List the COBIT 5 Framework principles D) Briefly explain how COBIT 5 can be beneficial to enterprises.
Assignment 5: Chapter #9 in our text provides information on User Domain Policies. Find an article on the WWW that discusses a recent (within the last 2 years) security breach or Cyberattack. Provide a link to the article and suggest 2 Best practices for a user Domain Policy that would mitigate against the type of breach or Cyberattack you have shared. Clearly explain why those best practices in a policy would be an effective mitigation strategy.
Assignment 6: An AUP’s (acceptable use policy) purpose is to establish rules for a specific system, network, or web site. These policies outline the rule for achieving compliance. They also help an organization mitigate risk and threats because they define what can and cannot take place. Please answer the following questions. Please be sure to include enough detail to answer the question with support for your position. you can answer following question in 2 to 3 lines.
1. Can Internet use and e-mail use policies be covered in an acceptable use policy? Why or why not?
2. Do compliance laws, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or GLBA, play a role in AUP definition? Why or why not?
3. Will the AUP apply to all levels of the organization? Why or why not?
4. Why must an organization have an acceptable use policy (AUP) even for nonemployees, such as contractors, consultants, and other third parties?
5. What security controls can be deployed to monitor and mitigate users from accessing external Web sites that are potentially in violation of an AUP?
6. What security controls can be deployed to monitor and mitigate users from accessing external webmail systems and services (for example, Hotmail®, Gmail™, Yahoo!®, etc.)?
7. Should an organization terminate the employment of an employee if he/she violates an AUP? Why or why not?
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