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The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is a global treaty organized through the 1992 Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro. This agreement has provided the guiding framework for scientific research and collaborative policy action about climate change at an international scale.The following link is to a short (~20 minutes) UNFCC documentary called “Adapting to a Changing Climate:” Released in 2014 and subsequently translated into numerous languages, the video provides a broad overview of the types of actions and changes that human society will need to implement over the next several decades in response to a changing climate.
As part of your final exam for this course, please use concepts from “Adapting to a Changing Climate” AND any course materials (including readings, lectures, labs, and discussion boards) to fully and thoughtfully answer all portions of the essay prompt given below. There is no minimum required length for your answer; indeed, the only requirement is that your answer be both thoughtful and complete. However, I do ask that your answer be no more than 1000 words long.
Please craft your essay so that it reads well, minimizes (or completely avoids) grammatical errors and typos, and addresses all aspects of the question in a logical manner. Your final grade will be on both the content and quality of your writing. In other words, you should spend a good amount of time ensuring that your answer reflects your best writing. I encourage you to utilize the tutors at the Stetson Writing Center for pointers and feedback as you develop your essay.
Additional, outside sources (i.e., other than the film or course materials) can be used in your essay, but are not required. However, please also note that ALL SOURCES should be appropriately cited and referenced using the citation guidelines you have used throughout the term for your lab write-ups. Your final answer should be uploaded into BlackBoard by 11:59pm on Thursday, December 6.

It is very often said (including by me) that anthropogenic climate change is one of the most complex challenges ever faced by human civilization. Begin your essay by briefly describing at least three reasons why climate change poses such a daunting challenge to human society. Next, define what is meant by the terms “climate mitigation,” “climate adaptation,” and “climate resilience.” Then describe at least three factors that the documentary claims are necessary for successful climate adaptation to occur.
Conclude your answer by thinking of whatever place you consider as your own “hometown.” (You can define your hometown however you wish, but be sure to name and describe this place well enough that I could successfully look it up on Google.) Describe two specific kinds of climate adaptation actions that are either being implemented currently or, in your view, should be implemented in short order within your hometown. Finally, discuss one way in which you could personally make a difference in helping your hometown become more climate resilient.
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