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Length: 6 to 8 pages, typed, double-spaced, 1″ margins (this does not include the required works cited page). Typical MLA format-no cover page. For this last assignment, you will have to choose two works from the list of works that you already have. The reason you will need two is that you will be doing a comparative critical analysis based on the two works you have chosen. The overall theme for this project will be “The American Dream, Fact or Fiction?” Examples:
In some of their works, Jack London and Ernest Hemingway dealt with the wilderness
Kate Chopin and Annie Dillard had similar views regarding women’s issues
The two selections from Thoreau vary from political to deeply personal, but they are written by the same author
Richard Rodriguez and N. Scott Momaday explore minority issues and beliefs
Annie Dillard and Thoreau both went to “live in the woods.” The results?
Carver’s “Cathedral” and Ballard’s “The Subliminal Man” deal with the Modern and Post-Modern worlds . . . How do these examples (or others of your choosing) fit into the concept of the American Dream? I suggest you begin like this: Find a definition of The American Dream that you can live with, formulate a plan to develop, and begin amassing support for the thesis you have created. Choose one of these themes (or another of your own choosing) and write to your heart’s content, including, of course, numerous examples that support your theme and the thesis you have devised around it. Also, find at least six critical sources, including but not limited to, print, database, electronic media, interviews (if you so desire), and/or reputable Internet resources that share your views regarding your topic. Do not use Wikipedia as a source for your research. Do not use sites such as “” or “” or “” or “, or any similar site that subverts the research process. Use the databases on the library website to find scholarly journals with articles that support your thesis.
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