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School Board Meeting Report
Your assignment is to view a school board meeting in your local school
district. If you cannot attend in person, you may view one of the recorded
meetings that can be found on the school district’s website, as long as it is a
current meeting within the last six months.
Answer each question completely with detailed information from the meeting.
As you watch the meeting, take the appropriate notes in order to answer the
following questions:
1. Give the district meeting attended: location, date, time, length of meeting. How many board
members attended? Approximately how many people were in the audience?
3. Give a description of two issues that were discussed and how they were (or were not) resolved.
4. Were objections brought up regarding any issues? By whom? How were they handled?
5. Was public input allowed and/or given? When? With what result?
6. From your observations during the meeting, give a short description of one of the responsibilities
of school board members.
7. Describe something that happened—or that was discussed—that you didn’t expect, or an ‘ah-ha’
moment you had during the meeting.
8. Summarize what you learned from this experience.
***watch meetings online link on the left hand side
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