Louisa Adams

Louisa Adams


  • Introduction of the major topic as Louisa Adams Commemorative gold coins
  • The launching of the coins
  • Issue of the 24-karat and the ten dollar dominated series of gold as related to the launch
  • The sale of uncirculated and proof coins
  • Possibility of Louisa Adam Security coins scarcity
  • Conclusion of the speech  

Louisa Adams

Commemorative Speech

             This day is a great day for it marks the final day of the First Spouse Gold Coins. It is the day when this kind of rare coins would be launched as a way of marking the sixth release in order to commemorate the program in an honor of all American First Ladies. The first ladies are great in showing the symbol of American culture and diversities. For this reason, the deserve respect and aspect of commemoration with respect to this day and the First Spouse Gold Coins.

            The coins are to be launched after which collectors can have their share in accordance the past Mint practices and policies. The opportunity is open until Thursday morning after which further collection may not be possible. The collection of the coins would be done from The U.S. Mint. All interested parties would have to observe time since they mark the most limited series of coins currently.

            Most of you know at least something about the 24-karat. It is associated with the ten dollar dominated series of gold that began in the year 2007. Since then, only eight coin of the same kind existed and were only available at the US Mint. This was however at all times. Only a new release of the coins forces the replacement of the existed ones. The oldest coins have been pooled prior to the release of new one.

            On the same Thursday that marks the deadline of the collection of the coins, the uncirculated coins, particularly the “Letitia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coins”, would go on sale. This as well includes the new proof coins. The uncirculated coins would cost as much as six hundred and twenty nine US dollar per piece while the latter would be relatively cheaper by up to thirteen dollars apiece. This is scheduled to take place on the same Thursday making the last opportunity for collectors to get the coins. At the same time, collectors may find Mint hardly selling the Louisa Adam coins. This follows the fact that they have been in availability for more than thirteen months. This kind of coin has actually taken longer than any of you would expect with any other coin.

            People also should have expectations of scarcity as far as the Louisa Adams coins are concerned. It could be clear to most of you that about the coin stock held by Mint. The US Mint is only hold uncirculated coins totaling to four thousand, two hundred and twenty-three while the proof Louisa Adams Coins are more at six thousand, nine hundred and fifty. This is not a significant number following that each of you may aspire to have one. This is a threat to those collectors hoping to get one or two of each kind later. There is a great likelihood that no one among you or beyond this group of people wants to be left out. Given that the current trend persists, the coins may end up becoming the scarcest in history and in the series.

            It is therefore very kind of you to get at least on coin to promote the prevailing culture. You can simply do this by ordering only or going personally to the US Mint to purchase one. America is one country that is full of rich cultural diversities. The country can preserve its culture only if your support is admitted. Thank you for paying attention  and wish you good luck.

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