Police Officer and Female Offenders in USA

Police Officer and Female Offenders in USA


Female offenders vary from male offenders. They are treated and handled differently by male police officers, irrespective of the offense that they commit. Male police officers tend to be kind to the female offenders. This is due to the nature of the human heart that calls for kindness when treating your fellow counterpart from the opposite sex. Police officers can also trade their act of being kind to the female offenders for a favor. These favors are normally contrary to female rights. These favors are normally in terms of human factors e.g. sex, rather than monetary factors.

Police Officer and Female Offenders in USA

Sexual Favors

Police officers treat female offenders with plenty of humilities in expectation of sexual favors. Male police officers knows and understand that, if they do award maximum kindness to the female offender, then she can easily submit into having sex with them. Male offenders are often treated harshly and hardly due to their defiant nature. Male offender will offer no favor to a male officer due to their similarity of sexes. This is the reason as to why they always receive harsh treatment from their fellow male police offices (Strand et al, 2012). Most female offenders understand the dynamics and tricks to use against the male officers. They know that, male officers can always be lured easily by offering them sexual fulfillment. With this, they are always set free and let go off their law troubles.

Women are soft

Compared to male offenders, most women are soft and should be handled with utmost care. Most female offenders are too soft to be handled like a male person. This calls for kindness and understanding by the police officers when handling female offenders. Female offenders have minimal strength compared to men. They do not own the muscles and biceps that are too characteristic of men. They do not react rudely when in a situation. This is due to their nature of fear; male police officers ought to handle female offenders with utmost care compared to if a male offender was being handed. Most female offenders are too weak when faced with a situation. This is due to the fear that takes the better part of their mental composition; hence, male police officers shouldn’t use brutality when handling female offenders.

Female offenders are non-resistant.

Female offenders never resist arrest when under an offense (Wong et al, 2012). Most men would try to use their ability of strength to resist any arrest even if he is guilty of the offence. Male offenders believe and trust that their level of strength will always aid them out of the situation. Female offenders are always camouflaged with the shades of fear when they commit an offence. This fear deprives their resistive force and admits to the offence. This is one of the chief reasons why female offenders should be handled with utmost care irrespective to the type of offence that they commit. Male police officers should understand that, female offenders bare no force of resistance irrespective of the offence.


Male police officers should always learn to treat female offenders with utmost respect and kindness. This is due to their nature of being weak and fearful. Female offenders are always submissive while the male offenders seem to be defiant even if they are suspect of the offence.


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