Preliminary Report For Yu And Associates

Preliminary Report For Yu And Associates


This a preliminary report of an investigation into Sue Yu and Associates’ ICT infrastructure carried out to identify possible areas of infrastructure upgrade and assess the security status of the firm’s information. The review was approved by Sue Yu the company’s managing director.

Preliminary Report For Yu And Associates

Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Summary of Request 3

Findings. 3

Recommendations. 4

Purchase List 5

Project Schedule. 6

Backup and recovery. 8

Disaster recovery plan. 8

References. 8


Summary of Request

The firm realized that its existing LAN could not cope with the bandwidth needed for its litigation and document imaging systems and are exploring ways of replacing the current system with a more effective, scalable and suitable LAN infrastructure. The firms wish to achieve increased network performance, capacity, functionality and flexibility, Improved network reliability, availability, service and support and Secure network

The firm is also looking for better ways of upgrading the employees’ workstations and the software upgrades running in the employees PC and the server software. The firm also have plans to requisition a new 40ppm OCR scanner and thus require better vendor who will supply at a cheaper cost. Furthermore the firm wishes to install wireless network that serves the three floors on top of the existing wired infrastructure. The firm also wishes to explore some of the VOIP solutions and evaluation of its benefits to the firm.

The firm also requires an investigation into its security policies and their file sharing management policy a view of updating to capture the emerging treats and challenges.  And lastly possibilities of implementing a scalable infrastructure that gather for the firms future expansion.


The preliminary review refills the following:

  1. The existing server has low specifications that cause bottle neck in the operation of the network. Both the servers’ RAM and hard disks capacities are small and are not running the lasted server operating systems.
  2. The admin computers have low specification for example the computers have low CPU speed of 2.4GHZ, small main memory capacity and are not running the latest operating systems and office software. The laptops the lawyers have low CPU speeds and running windows Vista operating system which is heavy thus slowing the systems.
  3. The investigation also established that the firm are still using 10BASE-T CAT 4 wiring infrastructure which can transmit less bandwidth, susceptible to interference and covers a short distance before attenuation occur.
  4. The network terminals are limited and the wired infrastructure hinder portability. Cable infrastructure need to expanded and wireless network also installed.
  5. The existing system is vulnerable to security threats from within and without. Most of the computers do not have antivirus software and the once with the software have the database definition obsolete.
  6. Filling password request form request the admin for password change is a source of vulnerability to the system.


Based on the above findings I recommend the following:

  1. New modern and powerful servers should be bought to replace the existing servers and the software running on the server should be upgraded to the latest version e.g windows server 2008.
  2. The existing admin computers, lawyers’ laptops and Mac machines used by Sales/Marketing can be upgraded by replacing their CPU and upgrading the main memory and the hard drives. I also recommend a software upgrade for the pcs such as windows 7 operating system and windows office 2010.
  3. The existing wired infrastructure using CAT4 should be pulled down and new infrastructure implemented using CAT 6 which can accommodate a larger bandwidth and does not server from attenuation easily.
  4. The password policies should be change to allow users to be able to change their own passwords without consulting the system admin.
  5. The server and the client computers should have the latest antivirus with up to date virus definition.

Purchase List

ItemSpecificationQuantityUnit CostTotal Cost
serverDell PowerEdge R910 Server- 2x IntelXeon E7540 2.00GHz, 1   8M cache, 6.40 GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT, 6C, 1       066MHzMax mem21000020000
Desktop computersLenovoVelocity Micro Velocity Micro Edge Desktop Computer – Intel Core i5 i5-2500K 3.30 GHz – Silver  55002500
Laptops used by LawyersLenovo G570 15.6″ Black Notebook (2.4 GHz Intel Core i3-2370M, 4 GB DDR3, 500 GB HDD, DVD±RW DL, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Windows 7 Home Premium)25001000
40ppm OCR scanner.HP SJE7500(L2725A) FLATBED, ADF, 3000pg DUTY, 600dpi, 24-bit, 50ppm, USB, Win, OCR SW115001500
Windows server 2008Full Windows Server functionality with unlimited virtual instances220004000
Windows 7 202004000
Ms office 2010 202004000
Antivirus software 251503700
CAT 6 Cable 4200800
Crimping tool 550250
RJ45 200012000
Wall plates 5010500
modules 50201000
Steel nails 1kg1010
Wireless routers 210002000
switches 102502500
16u cabinet 110001000

Project Schedule

Requirement solicitation15
Cable installation7
Server room network equipment installation3
Configure the server infrastructure10
Desktop configuration, testing and deployment7
Staff training2


TASK September, 2012October, 2012
Requirement solicitation15                              
Cable installation7      
Server room network equipment installation3   
Configure the server infrastructure10       
Desktop configuration, testing and deployment7      
Staff training2   

Backup and recovery

It is important for the firm take precautionary measures to avert information loss in the event of system failure. Early security disaster preparedness can make data recovery process quick and painless to the organization. The stsff will be trained on the data backup and recovery processes.

We recommend the following to the Sue Yu and Associates firm:

  1. All the employees should be informed of the procedures to undertake in cases of system breakdown.
  2. The system administrator should create daily backups and store them in secure place.
  3. All the software should be centralized and be in the custody of the system administrator so that incase of system crash it will be easy to get back the system running.
  4. Employees who switch to offline modes should have the necessary facilities and skills to back-up there data and they should be provide with the necessary application software to be in there custody for quick system restore in case of system crash.

Disaster recovery plan

He firm should have a continuity of operation plan that outlines in detail what actions should be taken in case of a disaster and who should do what?

Each facility maintains a site-specific emergency response plan. I recommend that this be distributed to all personnel.


Saunders, D., & Thagard, P. (2004). Creativity in Computer Science. University of Waterloo. Ontario: University of Waterloo.

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