Possible Relationship between Crime, Race and SES

Possible Relationship between Crime, Race and SES

The graphic analyzed proves the stereotype that Africa Americans are more likely to commit street crimes than whites. Whites, on the other hand, are more likely to commit white-collar crimes than Africa America. Street crimes are viewed as crimes committed by the poor, the arrogant, and the under-educated, and therefore relating them with Africa Americans simply portrays the public as expecting them to have several negative qualities. White-collar crimes, on the other hand, are financially motivated crimes of those assumed to be crimes of white people as they require someone who is respectable and of high social status. With these stereotypes in mind, analyzing crimes committed on the bases of race, either African American or white, strongly promotes racial profiling.

Possible Relationship between Crime, Race, and SES

Racial profiling refers to the use of race by law enforcement persons as an important factor in deciding if it is necessary to engage in enforcement. The Supreme Court has also assisted in encouraging racial profiling when handling African American and white crimes by accepting the ‘reasonable suspicion’ rule. The reasonable suspicion rule allows police officers to stop a person for the sole reason of reasonable suspicion. However, we find that police officers tend to stop African Americans more time than whites. Interestingly, whites tend to possess weapons, and more arrests are made when they are arrested than in African American cases. Further, society and the courts do not pay equal attention to white crimes as to blue crimes. African Americans are associated with blue collar crimes or the so-called street crimes while white is associated with white collar crimes. White collar crimes such as bribery, fraud, cybercrimes, money laundering, and forgery should be taken more seriously since they too, have a serious negative effect on the economic, social, and political sectors of a country.

The bottom line, the rate of street crimes and elite white-collar crimes on both Africa Americans and white is determined or promoted by racial profiling.

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