Live to work

Live to work


Whether one has to live to work or work to live is a question that is so subjective. According to a guest author on “hat is work for, life is not always the way most people desire it could be. Few people are gratified by what they do but the remaining population is always grappling with the question of what they should do to make their lives comfortable. Most of the people work to ensure that their basic needs and that of their families are met. It is also argued that most people even after achieving much to maintain their families, they will continue working. This is mainly because “what is enough?” varies from one person to another. Most achievers in life are driven by the desire to succeed in whatever they do. In this article, we are going to discuss on the reasons that drive people to live to work as opposed to the vice versa(“What is work”  001).

Live to work


According to Baehr P and Wells G C (009), for one to be a good worker, he must have the qualities of diligence and hard work. This is evidenced by the fact that hardworking people are give promotions and positions with better remuneration. The long-time notion that people should work hard and retire to their comfort zones after retirement is being challenged. Most people are now thinking of how to make their later years most interesting (Baehr P and Wells G C 009). According to Weiss T “Living to work”, most companies in the US are grappling with the idea of their aging workforce. They are thinking of ways they can enhance and retail their employees who are past the retirement age. This is because of the vital skills they have that are of great importance to the companies. To deal with this brain drain from their companies, the companies have come up with enticements to ensure that the old folks do not live without disseminating the knowledge they have to the younger generations. For people to live and enjoy working, most companies are cutting down their responsibilities and altering some that cannot be done away with. (Baehr P and Wells G C (009)

According to Burstyn B S (001), most people in the US are working for longer hours than any other in the world. Most of them do not even have leaves. This has had adverse effects on the lives of the people. First, most people are pre-occupied by their work in that they do not even have time to think of their own lives. The much they can think of is what meal they will have next. Secondly, because of the limited time they have with their families, most of their relationships are compromised. Some even do not have time to form relationships. The tendency of people having to work for long hours has led to a population with people who do not have enough sleep. The children of such parents are also not spared .they have to learn to cope with the demanding lifestyles of their parents. This means that if the parents have limited time to themselves for relaxing, the children will be deprived of the leisure activities. Most of the parents even don’t have the time to go shopping as they are always buried in their desire to work hard to achieve lives’ needs(Burstyn B S 001).


From the discussions above you can tell that is better for one to live to work than work to live. A population who are driven by a work to live policy is doomed to fail. This is because the work force will have a burnout as they have limited time to release the stressors associated with their work. The driving force behind life should be to enjoy whatever they are doing as much as they have to meet their basic needs. There is no limit to what one can acquire and riches will never be enough, so live your life to the fullest (Baehr P and Wells G C 009).

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