Understand the key concepts of ego and attachment theory.

Getting Started

This activity aims to help you set the psychotherapeutic frame and help you understand the importance of developing a therapeutic alliance with patients across the lifespan.

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

  • Understand the key concepts of ego and attachment theory.
  • Identify which patient populations would benefit from a psychodynamic, ego, or attachment approach to psychotherapeutic interventions.

Understand the key concepts of ego and attachment theory.


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following:
    1. Video: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy(new tab)
    2. Video: Psychotherapy for Chronic PTSD(new tab)
  3. Develop 2-3 paragraphs with a summary of key concepts and your thoughts/reflections on both videos (minimum 300 words). What resonated with you? What techniques would you employ for the child/adolescent patient, the adult and the older adult?
  4. Initial post is due by the end of the workshop.
  5. Read and respond to at least 3 of your classmates’ postings (minimum 75 words), as well as all follow-up instructor questions directed to you, by Day 1 of Workshop 5.
  6. Postings should also:
    1. Be well developed by providing clear answers with evidence of critical thinking.
    2. Add greater depth to the discussion by introducing new ideas.
    3. Provide clarification to classmates’ questions and provide insight into the discussion.

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