President Hassan Rouhani’s Speech

President Hassan Rouhani’s Speech

Hassan Rouhani is the seventh elected President of the Islamic country Iran. The country has found itself in numerous controversies especially with regard to manufacturing and owning nuclear weapons, a fact that places it as one of the world’s number one enemy. Many countries in the world have joined hands with big nations like the United States, Russia and Japan in the fight against nuclear weapon possession. The election of President Rouhani shed some light on this issue, especially because he had headed Iran’s former negotiating team and even rose to be the country’s top negotiator with major countries like the UK, Germany and France about Iran’s nuclear program.  Since the president took office on third August 2013, he has had one speech made in a UN General Assembly. This is a report of his speech, analysis of the president’s main points of his talk during the general meeting. It is one of the most awaited speeches at the United Nations because it was expected to touch one of the world’s biggest problems, nuclear weapon.   

President Hassan Rouhani’s Speech

During his speech, the president started by stating it as a fact that the world is at war about many issues including religious differences, ethnic and national identities, discrimination, poverty and neglect of morality which creates a global fear. On the same note, he shed light on the new hopes as the world has come to its knees to embrace peace talks that give to the expectations for peace. He claimed to be hope for the end of political wars and the indifferences in the world today through dialogue and exchange of ideas about the control of uncompromising policies.

The president urged the world to see some change in Iran’s new perspective on international war and conflicts by taking the example of the recent elections that showed the change in people’s wise decision on their choice for leaders who would be expected to bring change. The great people of Iran, as the president referred to Iranians who elected him, have realized the importance of democracy which is very dependable on religion and how they managed to transfer power peacefully from the previous regime. The belief in the people of Iran about stability and maintaining peace because they realized how peace with other countries stabilized the whole world shows that they accepted peaceful resolutions of disputes with other countries. This positive attitude by the people of Iran has created a safe environment for everything to fall in place.

President Rouhani also acknowledges that one nation’s actions affect other nations, particularly currently when the world is trying to solve the many disagreements between countries. Any action or directive by a certain nation may have drastic damages to other countries and therefore should be considered. It is time to realize that all nations in the world have one or more things in common, thus one’s weakness means a negative effect on others. The president pokes the nations that still claim to be superior to others, the nations that insist on some policies that favor their own development, saying that their time is over and should join hands for the development of the world and peaceful coexistence. They are the same nations that choose to resolve their issues using military and other forceful means to display their might. He retorted at the constant disparity among nations, divided into superior and inferior, which hinders peace and development.   

Allowing the North the position of the world superpower and position the South at the weakest level and also creating the illusion that some religion or particular country is bad causes cold war and differences between nations. The best example is how Iran has been portrayed as a threat to other nations, putting it at a world-number one enemy. An example of the cause of his imaginary Iranian-threat pushed for the arming of the Saddam Hussein era with dangerous weapons and supporting the Taliban and Al-Qaida. Violation of human rights should stop and war against Northern countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Palestine and Syria should be put to an end. Iran has no negative intentions and is no threat to the world, in fact, it supports peace with other nations.


Despite the constant fights and disputes between nations in the world over decades, there are new hopes to follow peaceful negotiations and peace talks that countries, especially those under one union as the UN, have held to resolve their cases. The recent President Rouhani’s speech at the UN general assembly depicted one of the moves by one of the most prominent nations in terms of controversy and alleged dangers it poses to the world, in the fight against discrimination, political wars and the fight for borderlines and frontiers. The peaceful election of the president showed that the Iranian people had grown politically to embrace democracy which leads to peace.

Iran has had many enemies over the years especially the so-called superpowers like the US and Russia that claim the country to be a threat by supporting manufacturing of nuclear weapons. This has created more enemies for Iran and has brought many nations to war due to the claims that some support such weaponry. As a result, sanctions were imposed on Iran, no international trade and aid coming into the country, a move that has affected the nation’s economic development for a long time now. The president, however, brings to the table the real cause of the international wars, defending Iran to be a country that preaches peace. According to the president, Iran has wrongly been accused of being a threat to the world because of the availability of the expensive Uranium mined in the country, a substance use to make nuclear weapon. The giant nations who have longed played the world superpower in terms of development and their military and defensive angle, seem to have been threatened by Iranian possession of Uranium which places the would-be inferior Iran at a vantage position.

From the president’s perspective, many countries currently embrace peace and have supported other countries that chase after peace. In a bid to preach peace, countries should realize that their actions affect other nations especially their neighbors and therefore should consider their implications before actualizing any policies. This means that nations should come together as one, support those that are still lagging behind with differences that slow down the economic development. The nations should strive to maintain peace as one of the leading factors that promotes development, rather than follow on the perpetuation by superior nations that other inferior ones pose danger to the world. Such superior nations are usually at the forefront in causing wars by depicted competitive nations to be armed and dangerous, claiming that the world should shun them. Such countries are the ones which have brought about division among countries today by portraying Islamic nations to be against peace. They have long justified their war on inferior countries for the reason that they are a threat to the world.

Peaceful negotiations bring about positive ideas and changes, and encourage understanding among nations, than resorting to war and fights over land. When people learn about the benefits of peace with their neighbor countries, it makes it easier for them to coexist as one tribe within the nation, and this has a very positive impact on development. War has many side effects and most times damages a country bit by bit, and so often affects innocent civilians. The war on Northern Islamic countries like Afghanistan and Iraq does not entirely bring peace because it creates more hatred for the country declaring war. Many innocent people are killed in the process; a result which does not impress the world and humanitarian watch at all, therefore, peaceful negotiations remains the best solution.

Peace is a very essential factor in the development of a nation because it stabilizes all other aspects that support the economic growth. The imaginary threat that some countries are portrayed to be should be abolished because it affects its relationship with other nations. Every country should embrace peace for positive changes to be implemented towards the millennium development goal.

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