Political challenges facing America in the 19th century.

Political challenges facing America in the 19th century.

In the 19th century, America was marked with a revolution of trade that changed the style of living of most of the people. New York City’s Hudson River was marked with the movement of goods and passengers in all directions. By the year 1830, the cost of ferrying goods across the canal reduced leading to the blossom of the city as a commercial center in the United States of America. The canal transport was faced by a stiff competition from private railroad companies that started the construction of railway lines giving people an alternative means of transport, which took over as the means of transport in the 1840. Expansion of transportation promoted the expansion of industries such as the textile and shoes industry which changed their mode of production and also their labor details.

The first problem that came with the industrialization was poor wages and over exploitation of the workers especially the women. The workers were paid only $2 to $3 for a whole week of about seventy hours, (311). The working environment was also very uncomfortable marked with hot and humid conditions and strict supervision that required each worker to abide by the rules. The workers lived in a communal type of shelters that were constantly under supervision. After a while the workers protested on the poor wages and poor living conditions.

1819 was marked by panic that was brought by the credit transactions that had become a way of trading in the city. This was brought about by an increase in the demand for goods and the high productivity brought by the international trade. There was a built up of debt relations that encouraged the taking of risks and the speculation of the future. Such risks could end up producing many victims in case of a business failure. This was followed by anxiety concerning the economic change, a factor that influenced the Americans’ political views. The revolution in the market was followed by transformation in the political scene of America. At the beginning of the political transformation, few people were empowered to vote with the political scene marked by few participants, this however changed with the people getting more interested in political matters and getting involved in the choosing of the political leaders. The political transformation led to major changes in the trade and the economy at large of America. The then president of America, Jackson, felt that the economic growth favored some groups of people but left out others. He first got rid of the federal support that of grants and also transportation of the monopolies that gave rich investors privileges at the expense of other people. The president had the idea of favoring the settlers of America. He wanted a situation where ‘the land sales would spread economic democracy to settlers.’ A policy was established to remove Indians from the land a factor that could have ensued strife between America and India

Political scenario brought about the issue of favoritism with the leaders at the particular time choosing who they prefer over others. This brought the unequal distribution of the resources and the slowing down of the economic empowerment that had engulfed America. For example the president, Jackson preferred and advocated for white settlement with a vision of creating great opportunities to the whites at the expense of the other race of people that lived in America. This is a move that stimulated racism with some groups feeling superior to others. The relocation of the Indian tribes confirmed this notion and heightened racism. Such moves also led to an increase in the presidential powers, which is not conducive for any democratic country.                                                                                                                      

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