Writing Assignment/Research Essay:

The Essay Note: there are (2) parts to the essay requirements.  The 1st part is the actual essay. The 2nd part is responding to the prompted questions. 

Writing Assignment/Research Essay:

 The writing assignment includes two parts:

 ❑ Part #1 – Students must write a minimum 5-page research essay on an assigned topic. See below for specific essay requirements.

❑ Part #2 – Students must provide substantive responses to topic-related prompts/questions provided by the Instructor.

Note – Responses will not be counted toward the 5-page minimum for the essay narrative. Assignment objectives:

1. This assignment requires students to apply what they learn from the Sociology field of study.

2. This assignment requires students to interact (theoretically or practically) with diverse communities to achieve a civic aim.

3. Additionally, it asks students to reflect on what they have learned from their interaction with other communities in terms of:

 a) They can adjust their attitudes and beliefs while working with diverse communities.

b) They understand the role of the individual/citizen in regional and national entities.

c) And requires students to reflect on the importance of involvement, how their civic engagement experience has benefited others and how this experience has strengthened their personal sense of social responsibility.

Part #1 Requirements Each student must write a minimum 5-page research essay on the following topic: CRITICAL RACE THEORY (CRT). Each of the pages must be full-length. Several sentences on a page does not equate to a full-length page and will not be counted toward the five-page minimum requirement. Specific areas that are to be addressed within the 5-page narrative should include, but not be limited to:

 ❑ Origins of CRT

❑ Principle Tenets of CRT

❑ Controversy concerning CRT Essays must include the following:

❑ At least (3) references.

❑ Essays must have one-inch margins (all 4 sides), be double-spaced, and be typed (in 12-point font using either Arial or Times New Roman).

 ❑ A cover page must also be included.

❑ All sources used must be properly cited using MLA style. Twenty-five points will be deducted if sources are not properly cited throughout the body of your essay.

 ❑ A reference page (bibliography) listing the sources must accompany the essay.

❑ 25 points will be deducted for each page that does not meet the five-page requirement.

❑ 25 points will be deducted if there is no cover page.

❑ 25 points will be deducted if there is no reference page.

❑ 25 points will be deducted if margins are greater than one-inch. *Cover and reference pages are not counted toward the five-page essay requirement.

Part #2 Requirements On a separate page, students must copy the following prompts/questions and respond. Be sure to respond to each prompt/question individually.

1) What obligations do you think the educational system has in exploring social institutions and their impact on the minority population? -4-

2) What do you think of efforts to restrict how schools teach race and racism? What do you see as possible benefits or dangers of a. removing various books from school libraries and b? Recently-passed legislation opposing critical race theory.

3) Imagine yourself in a class comprised of students from diverse cultures. How would you explain critical race theory in your own words when discussing race?

 4) After researching and learning about critical race theory, how comfortable do you feel discussing race in school? Would you like to see the topic discussed more thoroughly in schools? Explain your answer. *Responses should be submitted along with the essay and are not to be counted toward the five-page essay requirement.

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