Biomedical Engineering Application Letter

Biomedical Engineering Program

Texas A&M University and I share and boast a common vision. In particular, we both place great emphasis on exploring new limits of nature, in addition to exceeding expectations. Most importantly, my experiences in high school and other social settings, have so far shaped my desire to pursue a degree in Biomedical Engineering. One encounter that defined my primary goal of becoming a competent and change-driven biomedical engineer involves the death of my best friend, Trenten, who collapsed and passed away after being on a life support machine. Given the healthy relationship between Trenten and I, I had difficulty overcoming the depression, as I could miss classes and perform dismally. Over time, I learned that Trenten’s death resulted from an undiagnosed blood disorder. The incident served as the most heart-wrenching experience I have ever encountered. As a result, it raised a broad range of difficult questions in my mind, including what I should do soon to prevent similar incidences.

I have acknowledged and appreciated that I should utilize my life, experiences, knowledge, challenges, as well as skills, to accomplish something remarkable by enhancing the lives of others and the world’s overall well-being. I have realized that I have a genuine fascination with the human body. I have developed great interest in gaining a deeper understanding of how it functions and what happens if any given component goes awry. As a bioengineer, I will have the incredible opportunity to create life-saving devices and take a leading role in changing people’s lives through early diagnosis and evidence-based practice (EBP).

Recent conversations with seasoned biomedical engineers and other responsible stakeholders in the industry have presented with the best possible opportunity to understand that biomedical engineering helps in bridging the medicine-engineering gap. In essence, it seamlessly combines biological, as well as medical sciences with the various engineering problem solving and design skills. With this combination, I will be in a position to improve therapy and healthcare diagnosis and associated treatment options. For instance, my science teacher enhanced my understanding of biomedical engineering by presenting me with a list of prominent breakthroughs in the field, including kidney dialysis, artificial organs, EEGs, pharmaceutical drugs, prosthetics, tissue growth, pacemakers, the electron microscope, and crutches.

The teacher in question further challenged me to recognize and start identifying myself with various skills, which serve as a prerequisite for professional bioengineers. I have appreciated this challenge by honing my analytical, math, creativity, communication, as well as problem-solving skills. In essence, my profession will expect me to place much emphasis on analyzing and understanding the ever-changing patient needs, while at the same time, designing and implementing appropriate solutions. Moreover, developing practical interpersonal skills will go a long way in helping me establish and maintain healthy relationships with patients, interdisciplinary teams, and other healthcare professionals (HCPs). Additionally, I am captivated not only by math and the laws of physics but also have a creative mind which enables me to think critically and enjoy collaborating with others to create something spectacular.

I consider my past and current experiences suitable for this unique, result-oriented interdisciplinary field, as they have presented me the rare opportunity of identifying my career path, which revolves around using engineering tools to solve a variety of biological and medical problems. By combining the identified passions, I firmly believe that Texas A&M’s Biomedical Engineering Program remains my calling; given it will enhance my ability to make extraordinary achievements both in medicine and engineering. Equally important, my father played a fundamental role in introducing me to the Aggie difference at an early age, which means I will continue to carry on the tradition and promote desired values at my workplace. In this respect, I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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