Define “stress” and “stressor” and give several examples of the three types of stress


Exercise 1

      1.1  Define “stress” and “stressor” and give several examples of the

            three types of stress (pp. 3-5).  Explain what is meant by

            “Holistic Health” and summarize the various dimensions

            of health (pp. 5-8).  Summarize the various sources of stress; 

            then explain the three basic approaches to managing stress

            which will be utilized in this course (pp. 8-12).

     1.2  Discuss the various stress vulnerability factors; then complete

            “The Tombstone Test” (pp. 23-26).

     1.3  Explain the concept of homeostasis and the various 

            physiological responses to stress (pp. 31-36); Summarize the

            General Adaptation Syndrome and give an example of

            It’s application (pp. 38-39).  List and dispel the 5 myths

            about stress (pp. 40-41).

     1.4  Compare and contrast the effects of medium-term and

            Long-term stress (pp. 46-52); then discuss how the mind

            and body communicate (pp. 52-56).

     1.5  Complete the Student Stress Scale (p. 24) and summarize

            what you learned; the Fight-or-Flight Activity (pp. 41-42); and the

            Body Signals Lab (p. 57).

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