How do you relate to the quote in your role as a school counselor leader in improving student achievement?

How do you relate to the quote in your role as a school counselor leader in improving student achievement?

This quote means a lot to me because in the view of the bigger picture, we can be good leaders right off the back as school counselors. But, we won’t be truly great until we have experience. Experience can come through either years and years of being a school counselor or by going through hardships throughout the beginning years of being a school counselor. In my opinion it is both. Through trials in the beginning, middle or towards the end of your school counselor career you will gain experience and by gaining that experience, you’d be able to improve your students academic, social or emotional achievement. As the years go by you are always learning and teaching yourself new ways to communicate and new ways to assist your students more efficiently. Even if you aren’t in school anymore, you are always learning how to gain more knowledge to help your students. Being able to lead by example and ensuring your students success by being consistent with them. Holding your students accountable on deadlines and assignments. Hatch & Hardline (2022) stated that “Metaphorically, imagine the context as preparing soil for grass seed. If a homeowner wants the outcome of a beautiful lawn, throwing grass seed on dry soil will not provide the result they are looking for. However, if the soil is tilled and fertilized, and a watering system is installed, the seed is more likely to flourish and produce the desired outcome of a beautiful lawn. In other words, a suitable context is necessary to develop the mechanism”. It takes time to develop leadership skills to the point where you can ensure the academic, social and emotional achievement fro our students are successful. 

I feel that being a good leader is to go through your hardships of learning your position and learning every in and out of the job so that way you are able to assist your students the best way that you can. Sometimes that happens through experience and sometimes it happens by reading everything pertaining school counseling. There is no perfect way to becoming a great leader, but as long as your strive to help your students and advocate for them no matter what, you are becoming a phenomenal leader that they can look up to. 

What are some suggesting ways to open communication for input from various stakeholders?

Some ways to opening communication for input from various stakeholders are through the schools social media website. The schools social media website is one of the best ways to communicate with the school counselors due to the fact that we are able to talk to the students, parents and other staff members through the website. You can communicate through email or via messages from the website. Bright Future Counseling has some pretty good ways that we can collaborate with our stakeholders and those are “Train and teach: Don’t assume teachers have the same SEL training you do… but they probably wish they did! Organize workshops or lead casual PD where you can share the latest SEL trends, Over communicate: Parents like to be in the loop when it comes to their child’s wellbeing. Set up systems so they can get progress updates (without making you feel overwhelmed)!, Suggest alternatives to discipline: Like teachers, your admin likely didn’t get the same SEL training you did. Share current research such as restorative practices to get them on board, Build rapport – Carve out time in the first few sessions to solely focus on building rapport. This shows your kiddos you care about them. Think ice breakers like genograms, about me games, jenga, etc.”. These are different ways that we are able to talk to every one of our stakeholders and ways that we are able to ensure the improvement in everyones achievement. 


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