WA#4: Essay Reflection Task:

WA#4: Essay Reflection Task: Choose one of your formal papers, either the Six-Source Essay or the MultiSource Essay/Literature Review, and write a reflection on the essay in terms of both process and product. Length: 500 words (2 double-spaced pages) Format: APA 7 Point of view: The essay reflection will be written in the first person point of view. The reflective essay is an opportunity for writers to critically assess their progress in thinking, researching, and writing about a chosen topic. Writing a reflective essay allows a writer to tell the unique story of how a topic idea, cultivated through research, grew into a paper. It is a chance to think sustainably about the context, objectives, and process of a writing project. Remember to talk specifically about choices you made regarding summarizing and synthesizing sources in your paper. Use examples from your paper to help your readers to understand your process. Here are some questions that will help you prepare for a reflective paper: Context: ● What was the essay’s purpose? Do I think I achieved that purpose? ● What do research sources say about my chosen topic? Did the research say different things than I expected it to say? ● How did the readers react to the paper? What was interesting, surprising, or difficult about the reactions to the paper? Objectives: ● What are my learning goals for the course? How did researching and writing the essay help me to further those goals? What obstacles presented themselves that hindered my progress towards those goals? ● What ideas did I have about my topic when I began? How did the research sources affect those ideas? Did my ideas change as a result of the thinking, researching, and writing process? ● Did researchers from different fields report different findings on the topic? ● What information did I want readers to have as a result of reading the paper? What information do I want readers to have now? Process: ● What was my experience in researching the topic? ● What was my experience in writing the paper? ● How did I synthesize sources in the papers? What specific choices did I make? ● What challenges did I face as I did the work? What successes did I ● achieve? How did I respond to these challenges and successes? ● How did responses from other readers and writers change my process? To receive additional labor points incorporate at least 3 quotes and APA citations from your research into this reflection. 

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