Data Center Plan

Option 1: E-Commerce.

You are working for an e-commerce company called Data Tier Corporation which has offices in New York, San Francisco, and Houston. The Data Tier Corporation is a reseller and wholesaler of goods and services through its digital store front. The Company has decided to consolidate its datacenters into one new location. The CIO has tasked you with designing the Data Center and choosing a new location. Data Tier Corporation is currently using 1 Petabyte of data including company proprietary-commerce information and client account information, but wants your design to be able to handle future growth.

By choosing Option 1, your design will need to prioritize Server (i.e.; CPU & Memory) growth over Storage growth to address the company’s strategic goal of server consolidation, without sacrificing performance. For this option, you are providing increased processing power and memory through Server growth to ensure you meet the performance requirements of the online storefront. You will need to provide enough rack space to host the current number of servers and provide enough room for 10% server growth.

For your design, you must design a Data Center within the following constraints:

  • Server Rack
  • Make use of 750 – 1000 physical servers (40 – 60 racks)
  • Able to handle 1 Petabyte – 5 Petabyte of storage. (1 – 5 racks)
  • Has at least one network switch per rack
  • Has at least one power distribution unit
  • Geographical Location
  • Has access to one or more ISPs (Internet Service Providers)
  • Has access to one or more power grid(s)
  1. Create a Visio diagram showing the floorplan layout of your new data center. Your plan view architectural design of the floorplan of the Data Center must include:
  2. A Plan View design
  3. Enough floor space to host office space, rack space and room for heating and cooling solutions
  4. At least two rooms for office and personal
  5. One or two rooms for cooling and heating solutions
  6. Enough floor space to fit your required server and storage racks.
  7. Provide suggestions for future trends in server storage.

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