Identification of Program Competencies Demonstrated

Appendix I: Identification of Program Competencies Demonstrated (REQUIRED of all students)

Each student should have demonstrated some of the following. For each one that was demonstrated, explain.

Program CompetencyHow It Was Demonstrated
Communicate disaster and emergency management information and issues effectively to professionals within the field, and the public, through diverse communication channels.
Critically review and apply evaluation of published literature in the field of disaster and emergency management and literature specifically related to their area of specialization.
Demonstrate, management, administrative, and organizational skills and principles to the area of disaster and emergency management.
Discuss the roles of various government agencies, how to access them, and potential resources for all phases of the disaster cycle.
Discuss and explain the theory, principles, and fundamentals of hazards and disasters.
Identify and discuss strategies for incorporating and reaching out to special needs and hard-to-reach populations as it relates to disaster and emergency management.
Discuss ethical choices, values and professional practices implicit in disaster and emergency management decisions.
Demonstrate understanding of the disaster cycle and how to apply these to their particular field experience and area of specialization.
Demonstrate a working knowledge of the Incident Command System and how it applies to a variety of disasters and emergencies
Discuss the importance of networking and coordinating with a broad range of agencies, organizations, and community stakeholders and how these can be beneficial prior to, during, and after a disaster or emergency.




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