The Continuous Improvement Process

The Continuous Improvement Process

In this activity, you will select a real-world case from the list provided below and explain how each of the 5 steps in the continuous improvement process was addressed.

Continuous improvement is the ongoing improvement of products, services or processes through continuous and systematic review. After establishing your goals and assessing organizational tools, you will be developing and implementing actions plans. Your action plan should consider the need to review and revise strategies in the long-term. To accomplish that, the final step in the continuous improvement process includes measuring and evaluating the steps to help determine the effectiveness of your solution. This step will help you continually identify any opportunities for improvement.

The sample Continuous Improvement Process case studies included in the following link (and listed below) illustrate some elements of initiatives that agencies and organizations have implemented. Use these examples to gain an understanding of how to implement institutional change and post your understanding of how each of the 5 steps of the continuous improvement process was addressed.

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