Describe the neuropharmacology of substances of abuse.

The PMHNP must be knowledgeable about substances of abuse, including signs and symptoms of abuse, intoxication, and withdrawal, and appropriate treatment options.

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

  • Discuss different theories of addiction.
  • Describe the neuropharmacology of substances of abuse.
  • Discuss assessment and treatment of substance use disorders.

Instructions: Describe the neuropharmacology of substances of abuse.

  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Read:
    1. Textbook: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders
    2. Textbook: Kaplan & Sadock’s Synopsis of Psychiatry
      1. Chapter 4: Substance Use and Addictive Disorders
      2. Chapter 21: Psychopharmacology; 21.7 Drugs Used to Treat Substance Use Disorders
  3. Review: Websites – Alcohol Use and Withdrawal Screening Tools
    1. File: Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale(PDF document)
    2. File: Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment of Alcohol Scale(PDF document)
    3. File: CAGE Substance Abuse Screening Tool(PDF document)
  4. Watch:
    1. Video: Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong Jahann Hari(new tab)
    2. Video: Lets Quit Abusing Drug Users(new tab)
    3. Video: Seeing Drug and Alcohol Addiction in a New Light(new tab)
  5. Choose a substance of abuse and briefly describe the neuropharmacology of the substance.
  6. Write a 3-5 page paper, using MS WORD, describing clinical and psychological symptoms that clients may experience as a result of using the substance.
    1. Provide examples of withdrawal presentation for the identified substance.
    2. Explain current treatment options.
  7. Using the videos:
    1. Consider the various theories of addiction and propose an explanation for why the individual seeks out the substance; what is the function of the substance?
    2. Provide citations, using APA format.

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