Group Project

  • Data Preparation
    o Describe in detail how you dealt with any outliers or missing data.
    o Describe how you coded any categorical data.
    o Describe how you transformed the data associated with any skewed variables.
  • Methods
    o You are expected to run 1-2 t-tests/ANOVA analyses for this project. For each t-test/ANOVA,
    please state the null and alternative hypothesis.
    o Examine the correlation table. Are there any variables with high correlations? What does this
    mean for your regression models?
    o You are expected to run 3-5 regressions for this project. For each regression, please state the
    null and alternative hypothesis.
    o Explicitly state each regression model in mathematical form.
  • Results
    o Discuss the results of your t-tests/ANOVA/regressions. Are they significant (p-value)? Do you
    find support for your hypotheses?
    o Interpret the results of each regression, including each significant β coefficient in your model.
    o How well does your model fit the data (i.e., R-squared)?
    o Are the residuals normally distributed? o Calculate the VIF for each regression model. Is
    multicollinearity an issue?
  • Conclusions
    o Discuss what new insights you learned from the regressions.
    o Discuss why these results are meaningful.
    o Discuss the managerial implications of these results (i.e., what you would recommend
    management do).
    o Discuss the limitations of your analysis.
  • Appendix – as many pages as needed
    A. Include the descriptive statistics for each variable in the data set and include these in a single
    the table in the Appendix.
    B. Include the appropriate histograms or box plots for each variable in your data set (don’t forget
    to label each axis).
    C. Include a scatterplot showing the relationship between the dependent and independent variables of interest for each regression you conducted.
    D. Include a correlation table with all of the variables in your dataset (excluding unique
    E. Include all of your t-test/ANOVA/regression results.
    The report should be written professionally as if it were to be presented to senior
    management. You will submit your Excel analysis file and your Word (or PDF) report.

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