Global Technology (GT) project portfolio management (PPM)

Global Technology (GT) hired you as an assistant to the Project Manager for their new project implementation of a project portfolio management (PPM) tool. Microsoft Project Online was the selected solution that will provide GT with project management, work management, and portfolio management capabilities for the enterprise.

Global Technology (GT) project portfolio management (PPM)

Using Microsoft Project Online, Global Technology will be able to effectively initiate, select, plan, and deliver projects while tracking time, budget and effectively managing resources. This Software as a Service (SaaS) will also provide extensive reporting capabilities using Excel for reporting on all aspects of the project lifecycle based on the current GT project management methodology and provide the organization with a standard tool for PPM.

You are working with upper management to provide details for a proposed project and assisting them with creating a business case to help provide details so that the project may move into the next steps and be approved by the organization. This project will be delivered three months after approval within a budget of $500.000.00. Global Technology expects a 20% return on investment within the next five years with a 10% interest rate.

Once the project is approved, you will assist the project manager with additional documents to create the Project Plan.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Front-end web server – $4,699.00
  • Application server – $4,699.00
  • SQL Server – $4,699.00

Software Requirements:

  • Database server (SQL Server) & CAL – $15,000.00
  • SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise & CAL – $50,000.00
  • Project Server 2016 Enterprise & CAL – $50,000.00
  • Windows Server 2012(64-bit) – CAL- $10,000.00

Labor: $250.000.00

Required Documents:

  • Business Case
  • Project Charter
  • Project Scope Statement
  • Project Schedule
  • Communication Plan
  • Risk Register


Using the scenario above, create a Project Plan to present to Global Technology’s Senior Management for implementation of the Project Management Information System (PMIS) software MS Project Online.

  1. A cover page with the company and preparer’s name.
  2. Table of Contents.
  3. An executive summary, 2-3 pages long, written with professional language and proper spelling/grammar, provides high-level details of the Project Plan for GT.
  4. feasibility study and a comprehensive Business Case that will include the budget and financial analysis.
  5. The Project Charter uses information from the Business Case.
  6. The communication plan will inform the team of project communications.
  7. The project schedule was created in Microsoft Project by developing the WBS, Gantt chart, and Milestones. Resources and costs should be listed on the resources sheet and assigned to the tasks.
  8. Risk Register, prepared in an Excel spreadsheet, will identify major risks, mitigation, and contingency strategies for the project.
  9. The Project Scope document is updated with any changes or additional details.

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