Psychiatrist Evaluation and management codes

  1. Review the rubric to ensure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Review the National Panel for PMHNP Competencies (2003)(PDF document); pp. 3-11
  3. Go to Medatrax(new tab). The Encounters are entered in Medatrax.
  4. The clinical hours are based on the total number of hours spent in the clinical setting each day. We then look at engagement time and encounter types, so you must accurately document your time with patients.
  5. The clinical hours are based on hours spent with patients, not a certain number of patients. You must have accurate hours of your patients listed.
  6. Complete the clinical journaling assignment using MS Word:
    1. Review the example given to students, Journaling of PMHNP Competencies(Word document).
    2. Select 1-2 domains from pages 5-11 of the PMHNP Competencies. Students must address different domains in each journaling exercise.
    3. Create a table formatted according to the example provided, and include the domain name, sub-domain name and description.  Include the competency number and definition.
    4. Provide a detailed summary of how you met the domain/competency.
    5. Include citations where appropriate, along with References (see example).
    6. Upload the file to Brightspace 1.5 Medatrax.
  7. Completing the Medatrax entries is required to progress to the next course successfully. Anyone who does not complete their Medatrax entries will automatically fail the course.
  8. The following components must be done with each patient encounter:
    1. DSM-5 diagnosis; ICD-10-CM
    2. Psychiatrist Evaluation and management codes
    3. PMHNP Therapies
    4. Under “Student comments,” add the current plan of care for this visit.

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