Positive Organizational Cultures

As you prepare to enter the healthcare industry as a healthcare professional, you will be responsible for influencing the organizational culture of your team.

Positive Organizational Cultures

Preparing for the Assignment
Research a company that is known to have a good organizational culture (e.g., Google, Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Publix, Mayo Clinic). Choose a company to complete a case study. You are welcome to choose a healthcare organization or one you find in your research.

Assignment Directions
Respond to the following prompts in at least 50 words each:

Describe the company you chose and how the company aligns with your personal values.
Explain the importance of communication to a good culture.
Provide an example of the company’s effective communication methods.
Describe some possible ineffective communication methods and how a company could resolve them.
Add the references you have used to complete this assessment here (consider this your references page). Please format according to APA guidelines (this response has no specific word count).

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