Aspects of psychological development

Chapter 3 covers various aspects of psychological development and asks the reader, in several areas, to critically think about some of the concepts and theories that are connected to psychological development as it relates to infants and children. For this assignment, you are going to apply those concepts and theories to yourself to help check for understanding!

Make sure to cite and support your information in proper APA format when you are using information learned from the text or other sources.

Critically applying a concept means you have reviewed the information from the text as well as other resources and analyzed the information to apply it in a new way.

Use headers to separate the different sections.

1) Id, Ego, and Super Ego – You are now in your 3rd week of courses and have a good concept of what it takes to balance the personal & professional aspects of your life as a graduate student. With many demands in your life, I am sure there are several instances where you must function in survival mode. (Cite in APA) – 10 points

Describe a situation using your current circumstances that accurately reflects the concepts of Id, Ego, and Super Ego.

Example – studying, exercising, etc. Be creative!

Good responses will adequately define and describe these concepts using proper support.

2) Defense Mechanisms – The text lists 8 different types of defense mechanisms (Highlight 3.1) that are used in our attempts to avoid painful or uncomfortable circumstances. Defense mechanisms are also used to preserve our self-esteem or soften the blow of failure, guilt, or hardships. Maybe you have already experienced some painful circumstances in trying to complete your assignments!? (Cite in APA) – 10 points

Identify a situation where you have responded using one of the defense mechanism listed in chapter 3.

Do not share information that discloses anything too personal or that you are not comfortable sharing.

What was the situation? What was the defense mechanism, and how was it used?

What could you have done differently?

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