Academic dishonesty and unethical behavior are developing.

In this situation between Joseph and Allison, a pattern of academic dishonesty and unethical behavior is developing. Here’s what’s happening:

Academic dishonesty and unethical behavior is developing

Collaborative Cheating: Joseph initially asked Allison to share her answers to the online questions, which Allison allowed. This act constitutes cheating, as it involves using someone else’s work to gain an unfair advantage in an academic setting.

Expanding the Cheating Scheme: Now, Joseph is not only requesting assistance during the exam but also suggesting that they sit close together for the purpose of cheating. He acknowledges that he will need help in difficult areas and plans to review Allison’s work during the exam.

Conspiracy to Cheat: Joseph’s request to sit close and seek help from Allison during the exam indicates a collaborative effort to cheat on the upcoming test. This goes beyond individual cheating and involves both students in a coordinated effort to deceive their instructor and gain an unfair advantage.

Multiple Violations of Academic Integrity: Joseph’s actions, from requesting answers for homework to planning to cheat during the exam, demonstrate a disregard for academic integrity and ethical standards. Allison, by acquiescing to these requests, is also participating in the violations.

Risk of Detection: While Joseph assures that he will not be seen, there is always a risk of getting caught during cheating attempts, especially in a monitored exam setting. If caught, both Joseph and Allison could face serious academic consequences, including failing the exam or the course and potential disciplinary actions.

In summary, Joseph and Allison are engaged in unethical behavior related to cheating in their coursework. Joseph’s request to collaborate on cheating during the upcoming exam further solidifies their involvement in academic dishonesty. Both students jeopardise their academic standing and integrity by participating in these actions.

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