Center For Parent Resources

Parent Center Name and County/Location:

  • Center For Parent Resources

Five Ways to Help Students, Parents, and Families with the IEP Process (Three Sources):

Source 1: “Understanding the IEP Process” Webinar

  • Attend an “Understanding the IEP Process” webinar, which offers in-depth information about the IEP process. These webinars are held regularly and can be accessed on the website’s webinar page.
  • Webinar Link

Source 2: “Comparing IEPs” Article

  • Refer to the article titled “Comparing IEPs” to understand the variations in IEPs and how to work with different types effectively. This article discusses the importance of individualized plans.
  • Article Link

Source 3: “Ethical Advocacy for Appropriate Services” Brief

  • Explore the “Ethical Advocacy for Appropriate Services” brief to learn about the ethical considerations involved in advocating for students with disabilities during the IEP process. This resource highlights the importance of ethical advocacy.
  • Brief Link

Three Things Parents Should Know About Their Parental Rights (Three Sources):

Source 1: “Importance of IT Service Management” Article

  • Parents should be aware that their parental rights are protected by law throughout the IEP process. Understanding these rights is crucial. For comprehensive information, parents can refer to the article titled “Importance of IT Service Management.”
  • Article Link

Source 2: “Ten Things Teachers Should Know About Parent’s Rights” Webpage

  • Parents can visit the “Ten Things Teachers Should Know About Parent’s Rights” webpage to gain insight into their rights as they pertain to their child’s education. This resource provides a concise list of key points.
  • Webpage Link

Source 3: “Upholding Ethical Standards in Early Childhood” Webinar

  • Parents can participate in the “Upholding Ethical Standards in Early Childhood” webinar to understand their rights in the context of early childhood education. This webinar covers ethical guidelines and parental rights.
  • Webinar Link

Three Things to Consider When Working with Students Who Are English Language Learners (Three Sources):

Source 1: “Special Education Resources” Culminating Project

  • When working with English Language Learners (ELLs), consider their unique needs and language proficiency levels. The “Special Education Resources” Culminating Project provides insights into accommodating ELLs in special education settings.
  • Project Link

Source 2: “Literature Review on Collagen” Article

  • Understanding the language development of ELLs is crucial. The “Literature Review on Collagen” article discusses language development, which is essential when working with ELL students.
  • Article Link

Source 3: “Effects of Management and Union Relationships” Study

  • Collaborate with ELL students’ families and consider their perspectives. The “Effects of Relationship of Management and Union at Washington Hospital Center” study emphasizes the importance of collaboration and understanding diverse backgrounds.
  • Study Link

Three Things to Consider to Increase Parental Involvement (Three Sources):

Source 1: “Education Timeline” Essay

  • Increasing parental involvement requires effective communication. Parents and educators should maintain open and regular communication channels. The “Education Timeline” essay discusses the importance of communication between schools and parents.
  • Essay Link

Source 2: “The Special Education Resources” Culminating Project

  • Collaborate with parents to create a supportive educational environment. The “Special Education Resources” Culminating Project offers strategies for fostering collaboration between parents and educators.
  • Project Link

Source 3: “Ten Things Teachers Should Know About Parent’s Rights” Webpage

  • Encourage parents to actively engage in their child’s education. The “Ten Things Teachers Should Know About Parent’s Rights” webpage includes information on how parents can participate effectively in the IEP process.
  • Webpage Link

This information provides a well-rounded understanding of how to support students, parents, and families in the IEP process and beyond.

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