EDMG560 – Supplemental Reading List

EDMG560 – Supplemental Reading List

Ackoff, R., Magidson, J., & Addison, H. (2008). Idealized design: How to dissolve tomorrow’s
crisis – today. Kindle Edition: Prentice Hall.

Ahmed, N. M. (2010). A user’s guide to the crisis of civilization: and how to save it. Kindle
Edition: Pluto Press.

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clean-energy future. Kindle Edition: Prentice Hall.

Beatley, T. (2009). Planning for coastal resilience: Best practices for calamitous times.
Kindle Edition: Island Press.

Brown, D. (2010). Dead end path: how industrial agriculture has stolen our future. Kindle
Edition: Booklocker.com.

Brown, L. (2009). Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to save civilization. Kindle Edition: W. W. Norton & Co.

Burrows, M. (2013). The future, declassified: Megatrends that will undo the world unless we
take action. Kindle Edition: Palgrave Macmillin Trade.

Campbell, K. (ed.) (2008). Climate cataclysm: The foreign policy and national security
implications of climate change. Kindle Edition: Brookings Institution Press.

Chandra, A., Acosta, J., Stern, S., Uscher-Pines, L., & Williams, M. (2011). Building community
resilience to disasters: A way forward to enhance national health security. Kindle Edition:
Rand Corporation.

Clarke, R. & Knake, R. (2010). Cyber war: the next threat to national security and what to do
about it. Kindle Edition: Harper-Collins ebooks.

Cullen, H. (2010). The weather of the future. Kindle Edition: Harper-Collins ebooks.

Diamond, J. (2011). Collapse: How societies choose to fail or succeed – revised edition. Kindle
Edition: Penguin Books.

Doughton, S. (2013). Full-rip 9.0: the next big earthquake in the Pacific Northwest. Kindle
Edition: Sasquatch Books.

Earle, S. (2009). The world is blue: How our fate and the ocean’s are one. Kindle Edition:
National Geographic Society.

Egan, T. (2006). The worst hard time: The untold story of those who survived the great American
dust bowl. Kindle edition: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Eichenwald, K. (2012). 500 days: Secrets and lies in the terror wars. Kindle Edition: Simon &

Englander, J. (2012). High tide on main street: Rising sea level and the coming coastal crisis.
Kindle Edition: The Science Bookshelf.

Fagan, B. (2013). The attacking ocean: the past, present, & future of rising sea levels. Kindle
Edition: Bloomsbury Press.

Fink, S. (2013). Five days at Memorial: Life and death in a storm-ravaged hospital. Kindle
Edition: Crown Publishers.

Fishman, C. (2011). The big thirst: The secret life and turbulent future of water. Kindle Edition:
Free Press.

Flynn, S. (2007). The edge of disaster: Rebuilding a resilient nation. Kindle Edition: Random

Fyfe, A. (2010). School resilience planning: A practical guide for emergency management and
business continuity management for schools. Kindle Edition: AuthorHouse.

Gilding, P. (2011). The great disruption: How the climate crisis will change everything (for the
better). Kindle Edition: Bloomsbury Press.

Heinberg, R. (2011). The end of growth: Adapting to our new economic reality. Kindle Edition:
New Society Publishers.

Heinberg, R., & Lerch, D. (eds.) (2011). The post-carbon reader: Managing the 21st century’s
sustainability crises. Kindle Edition: Watershed Media.

Ingram, B. J. (2013). The West without water: What past floods, droughts, and other climatic
clues tell us about tomorrow. Kindle Edition: University of California Press.

Janin, H. & Mandia, S. (2012). Rising sea levels: An introduction to cause and impact. Kindle
Edition: McFarland & Co.

Kolbert, E. (2014). The sixth extinction: an unnatural history. Kindle Edition: Henry Holt &

Kunreuther, H., & Useem, M. (2009) Learning from catastrophes: Strategies for reaction and
response. Kindle Edition: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Laughlin, P. (2011). Powering the future: How we will (eventually) solve the energy crisis and
fuel the civilization of tomorrow. Kindle Edition: Basic Books.

Lochbaum, D., Lyman, E., & Stranahan, S. (2014). Fukushima: The story of a nuclear disaster.
Kindle Edition: The New Press.

Lovins, L. (2011). Climate capitalism: Capitalism in the age of climate change. Kindle Edition: Hill
& Wang.

Martenson, C. (2011). The crash course: The unsustainable future of our economy, energy, and
environment. Kindle Edition: John Wiley & Sons.

McKee, K., & Guthridge, L. (2006). Leading people through disasters: An action guide. Kindle
Edition: Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

McKibben, B. (2008). Eaarth: Making a life on a tough new planet. Kindle Edition: Times Books.

Mearns, R., & Norton, A. (eds.). (2010). Social dimensions of climate change: Equity and
vulnerability in a warming world. Kindle Edition: The World Bank.

Miller, D. (2011). Business continuity and disaster recovery: Getting started guide. Kindle
Edition: Miller Productivity.

Mueller, J. & Stewart, M. (2011). Terror, security, and money: Balancing the risks, benefits, &
costs of homeland security. Kindle Edition: Oxford University Press.

Pearce, F. (2006). When the rivers run dry: Water – the defining crisis of the 21st century.
Kindle Edition: Beacon Press.

Pearce, F. (2007). With speed and violence: Why scientists fear tipping points in climate change.
Kindle Edition: Beacon Press.

Rao, V. (2012). Shale gas: The promise & the peril. Kindle Edition: RTI Press.

Roberts, C. (2012). The ocean of life: The fate of man and the sea. Kindle Edition: Penguin

Rothkopf, D. (2014). National insecurity: American leadership in an age of fear. Kindle Edition:

Smith, L. (2011). The world in 2050: Four forces shaping civilization’s northern future. Kindle
Edition: Penguin Group.

Schlosser, E. (2013). Command and Control: Nuclear weapons, the Damascus accident, and the
illusion of safety. Kindle Edition: The Penguin Group.

Schwartz, J. (2013). Cows save the planet—and other improbable ways of restoring soil to heal
the earth. Kindle Edition: Chelsea Green Publishing.

World Economic Forum (2011). Water security: The water-food-energy-climate nexus. Kindle
Edition: Island Press.

Zack, N. (2009). Ethics for Disaster. Kindle Edition: Rowman & Littlefield.

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