Summarize your personal leadership strengths and capabilities

Jack Welch, former CEO, General Electric Corp.

Jack Welch’s quote summarizes the key premise of the value of gathering information to inform ongoing self-awareness and self-assessment—that becoming a more effective leader entails a journey into yourself. This includes assessing your strengths, capabilities, how you influence others, your personal leadership vision, and how you see them impacting your role as a human resource leader.

Note: You will need to incorporate results from this assessment into Assessment 4. Therefore, it is recommended that you complete this assessment before Assessment 4.


Welch, J., & Welch, S. (2005). Winning. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers.

It is important to be able to understand and articulate who you are as a leader. This not only assists during times of interviews for new positions and performance reviews but also for educating others on who you are as a leader and what they can expect from your leadership.

  • Obtaining an informed awareness and understanding of your leadership strengths and opportunities requires gathering relevant information rather than relying solely on your own experience, perception, and intuition. Relevant data can come from surveys, online assessments, feedback from others and performance reviews, just to name a few.
  • Articulating these ideas for ourselves is often a challenge. Spending time preparing the clarity of your message will be useful for future career activities, as well as validation for yourself.

For this assessment you will gather relevant data to inform your understanding of who you are as leader, including your strengths, opportunities, and leadership style and articulating that effectively.

Write a 5–7 page memo to your new leader in which you identify your strengths as a leader, how this impacts your role as a human resource leader, and your personal leadership statement. You are expected to provide relevant evidence to support your definition of who you are as a leader. Because you will be discussing your own leadership experiences, behaviors, and vision, identifying yourself in the first person would be appropriate. Your paper should be well organized and cover the following elements.

  • Introduction.
  • Summarize your personal leadership strengths and capabilities. Include the following:
    • A minimum of three relevant leadership self-assessment sources that inform and support your claims.
    • References and citations for the self-assessment sources you use.
  • Analyze how your personal strengths and capabilities align with leadership theories for effective human resource leadership. Address the following:
    • The concept of influence and how your strengths and capabilities support the need to influence as a human resource professional.
    • Influence strategies and examples of how you have or would use them.
    • References and citations from relevant sources to support your discussion.
  • Develop a personal leadership statement. Address the following:
    • A statement of who you are as a leader, based on your analysis from leadership self-assessments and knowledge of leadership theories.
    • A statement that is concise, personal, declarative, and connects important elements that are critical for you.
    • The Personal Leadership Statements activity provides clear steps and ideas for articulating your vision for yourself as a leader through a personal leadership statement.
  • Explain how self-reflection impacts the role of a human resource leader.
  • Conclusion.

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